Easier and cheaper than you think.

Here are a few examples to illustrate how home staging can make all the difference when selling or renting. First impressions are everything. A property that’s compliant, clean and bright sells for more.

Within the framework of a rental management contract, we coordinate for you the upgrading of the electrical installation, the supply and installation of lighting fixtures, the painting work and the cleaning of the property.

New lighting fixtures & paintwork

Guide price :

  • Lighting fixtures: €100 incl. VAT/piece (including LED bulbs and installation).
  • Paint: +/-20€/m2 incl. VAT


Suggested retail price: €900 inc.

New parquet floor

Guide price: €60/m2 (laminate) to €130/m2 (wood). For rental, we recommend vinyl flooring.

New bathroom

Guide price: €7,500 inc. VAT (including bathroom fixtures)

New kitchen

Guide price: €2,300 inc. VAT (work) + €9,800 inc. VAT (EGGO super-equipped kitchen, 2022 prices)