job : architect real estate agent

Dear future colleague,

IZIKOZI real estate agency is looking for an independent real estate architect.

IZIKOZI offers various real estate services such as :

  • The sale
  • The rental
  • Rental management

Founded a year ago, it has taken the form of a virtual agency focused on new technologies. The offices are located in a coworking space on Plasky Square. Located a stone’s throw from the E40, we have easy access to regions such as :

  • Both Woluwe and Etterbeek
  • The European quarter
  • Schaerbeek and Evere
  • The communes with facilities in Flanders.

IZIKOZI is synonymous with quality: a virtual visit is carried out for every sale and rental, and artificial intelligence is used to stand out from the competition. The agency’s spirit is young and innovative. The atmosphere is one of serendipity, so that everyone can develop professionally and become an ace in their chosen field.

Other benefits of working at IZIKOZI :

  • Flexible working hours. You’re on your own, so it’s up to you to organize yourself as you see fit.
  • Fair fees: IN 25%, OUT 25%.
  • You can work from home or in a café whenever you feel like it.
  • A boss with 20 years’ experience in real estate who will always be there to give you a helping hand when you need it.
  • No telephone answering service. The real estate signs show the gsm number of the agent in charge of the file. The calls you receive will only concern your files.

You recognize yourself in this description. You live in Brussels or one of the communes within easy reach. Is your mother tongue French or Dutch?

Send your CV and cover letter to I’ll get back to you as soon as possible if you have the profile I’m looking for.