job : real estate advisor - employee


You have a sales background and are attracted to the world of real estate. You want to join a young and ambitious real estate agency. You want to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the real estate agent’s profession, and in particular private rental management and leasing.


  • You are responsible for the assets under management. You will manage the technical and legal aspects of the 17 properties currently in our portfolio, all in the Brussels East region.
  • You are the main contact person with tenants and coordinate technical interventions with contractors.
  • You communicate easily, especially with owners and customers, whom you advise and keep informed on a regular basis. Communication is the key to building trust with everyone involved.
  • You’ll be responsible for the financial management of the assets under management, and you’ll draw up invoices at the beginning of each month.
  • You represent IZIKOZI’s values and serve its objectives with passion and enthusiasm.


  • You’re someone who likes to help others. This is the very essence of property management.
  • You’re proactive and naturally customer-oriented.
  • You’re ambitious and could see yourself developing the management and rental division within our fast-growing real estate agency.
  • You enjoy working independently while being able to rely on a team to answer your questions and help you progress in your job.
  • You want to invest in becoming a real estate pro. You want to be paid and recognized for your personal commitment and the quality of your work.
  • You’re a French or Dutch speaker and your English isn’t too bad. If you’re trilingual, FR-NL-EN, that’s a big plus.

Our offer

  • The IZIKOZI real estate agency offers a relaxed working atmosphere, fair remuneration and ample opportunities for personal development and advancement.
  • We offer a base salary, plus 25% commission on each rental and 25% for an IN sale.
  • We encourage you to prospect for management and leasing opportunities. The more assets you manage, the better you earn.
  • A mini-training session on a theme related to the real estate agent’s profession is organized every Friday lunchtime. Our passion for the real estate business is contagious, and you’ll love learning the ropes with us.
  • The offices are located in a coworking space on Plasky Square, . Located a stone’s throw from the E40 motorway, we have easy access to Brussels and the Brabant region.
  • IZIKOZI does not have a hotline. You only receive phone calls for goods for which you are responsible. A buddy system has been set up to allow you to take vacations whenever you feel like it.

The IZIKOZI real estate agency is synonymous with quality, and a virtual visit is carried out for every sale and rental. We use artificial intelligence to stand out from the competition. The atmosphere is one of serendipity, so that everyone can develop professionally and become an ace in their chosen field. It’s entirely possible to progress within the agency and change functions over time. The friendly boss has 20 years’ experience in construction, and you can count on him to help you with any technical question.


You recognize yourself in this description. You live in or near Brussels. Are you a native French or Dutch speaker and familiar with Apple’s ecosystem? Send your CV and cover letter to I’ll get back to you as soon as possible if you have the profile I’m looking for.