We do our utmost to obtain the best price for your property.

Our real estate agency is committed to doing everything in its power to ensure that your property is sold at the best possible price. Drawing on our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, we develop customized strategies, highlight your property’s assets, and use our extensive network to attract potential buyers. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to maximize the value of your investment. Trust our dedicated team to guide you through this important stage of your life.

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Agency fees

We offer you three levels of service, but always with unrivalled quality. We tailor our expertise to your needs, guaranteeing you a personalized experience at every stage of your real estate transaction.

Media Pack

To sell like a pro



*1.15% VAT INCL. Lump sum calculated on the sale price.

exclusive contract

The most popular formula



*2.36% VAT calculated on the sale price.

non-exclusive contract

The owner can sell at the same time



*3.57% VAT calculated on the sale price.